Good Morning Everyone,

Unfortunately Social Media is getting the jump on all official communications from CBBF to all of you which has given me choice but to start our conversation this way.

First and foremost let me assure all of you that the CBBF has not been sitting back watching this unfold as it may appear.  After Las Vegas weekend we wanted to reach out to the parties involved and get the right information to share with each of you so that we as a group could make an informed decision about our future as an organization.

With three attempts to one organization we were told that they would be making a decision this week as to how they were going to proceed in Canada and nothing more was provided after asking directly if our shows would be able to offer pro cards.  (yes I am being elusive as I do have to be careful with my words at this point and I hope you all can understand) The CBBF was however contacted directly by the IFBB Amateur League and it was confirmed this past weekend that we will be able to offer pro cards to the Pro Elite division at all of our events.  We were hoping however that we would have confirmation from both sides to bring to all of you so that we would be able to discuss as a team and decide which would better support our organization.  From my prospective that has been made without our input or concern for our Provincial Affiliates and this is just my opinion and concern for our athletes.

The one thing I can say about our Provinces , we provide value to our amateur athletes in the way of funding , training seminars and education which will all go away if the associations go away.

Ultimately this will be an athletes decision as to what they want to do with their competitive career however if I were I , I would want to compete with the best of the best in my Country and believe there are many athletes out there that do feel the same way as I have spoken with them directly and their trainers.

I do not want to see the end of the CBBF as we know it and I am hoping all of you feel the same way, in the next day or so I will contact you all again to arrange a meeting so that we can all discuss together.

For right now I ask that you share the attached letter with your athlete’s and on your website as we will be putting on our site as well as social media.


Georgina Dunnington

CBBF Chairperson