FROM CBBF PRESIDENT – April 27, 2016: The CBBF have been in discussion regarding the parameters around some of the classes and one item that came up was the question of crossovers between i.e. the new classic physique class and open bodybuilding and will the CBBF allow athletes to cross over between the two classes.

In the past we did not have consistency on this rule as we DID allow classic bodybuilding and open bodybuilding athletes to cross over between the disciplines at the IFBB Event Qualifier.

Effective immediately and including the 2016 events we will not allow crossovers at any of the CBBF National events including the IFBB Event Qualifier.

One of the most compelling reasons is an athlete’s ability to have the opportunity to become a part of the World team. all With allowing crossovers in the past we have had the same athlete win both disciplines and if for some reason, such as in 2014 that winner is disqualified it did not allow any athlete from either discipline to participate on Team Canada. All disciplines are unique for a reason and if an cheap athlete is competing in lack bodybuilding they should not be crossing over to physique in the same competitive year. We are not going to award two pro cards to the same athlete for two disciplines; there is no benefit to the athlete or the CBBF by allowing crossovers.

I wanted to have clarity on this issue, clear as some Men’s Going Physique athletes have approached me to crossover into Men’s Classic Physique at a National Event.

Those cheap jerseys MP crossing over to MCP would have to be approved by myself, the President and would be considered if that’s the only National Event you cheap jerseys are competing in for 2016. Athletes competing in more than one national event CANNOT do both divisions i.e. Compete wholesale jerseys in Men’s Physique at the World Qualifier and than Cross-over into Men’s Classic Physique in Winnipeg.

Switching over to another discipline must wholesale mlb jerseys be approved by the President, however, an athlete cannot compete in two disciplines in the same year at the National Level.

I apologize for the confusion, if you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at

Heather LeBlanc, President